About our Birthday Cards

Have you ever wondered how the great standup comedians come up with their best stuff? Somehow they see things in everyday life that most of us don’t.
Formula or magic?
The same thing happens with a great birthday card. It starts with your relationship to the birthday boy or girl – is this card for your Mom or your former cellmate - then comes his or her favorite interest – he loves fly fishing, she rides horses – and lastly it gets dipped in in a big vat of funny or earnest. But that’s just the formula. The magic happens inside the (sometimes odd, always surprising) minds of our card designers. Somehow they see things in everyday life that most of us don’t.
Whether or not it’s “just” a card is entirely up to you
Birthdays are a gift – a once a year chance to tell our friends and loved ones that they are special to us without either of us having to feel weird about bringing it up.

But even on a day dedicated to celebrating a special person in our life, saying what we want to say in the way we want to say it can be hard. So, for the same reason that the President has speech writers, we rely on our birthday card designers to awaken shared memories, make us laugh or blush, and give voice to our deepest feelings – even if it’s with a joke.
Original designs from some truly original characters
All the birthday cards you see on Blow come from independent designers. Some come from a lone genius; others come from creative friends putting their talents together. Some are original images; some are original uses of existing images. But in every case you are seeing someone practice his or her ministry to help the rest of us send a lift to a special person in our life on his or her special day.
The finest paper and most vibrant inks
The first job Michelangelo was given as an art studio apprentice in Florence Italy was learning to prepare canvases and to mix paints. We agree. When you are going to create a masterpiece (or at least a birthday card your Grandmom will love) you’ve got to work with great materials.

Every birthday card you see on Blow is printed on the finest museum quality paper in the world. We’re not kidding. We have tested papers from mills around the world and this is the best there is. It’s twice as thick as a nice store-bought card, costs us a lot more, and the quality is obvious the minute you touch it. Each card is printed using vibrant inks with such a nuanced color palette that even professional art critics have become fans.
Twofer – good cards; good deeds
Every time you send one of our happy birthday cards
  • you support local designers (all of our designers live and work locally)
  • you support small businesses (none of our designers are big companies)
  • you support women-owned businesses (almost all of our designers are women)
Thank you!
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