All About Blow Birthday Cards

Welcome to the world’s first website conceived mostly out of a proper feeling of guilt :)

Once upon a time…

Jerry’s friend Luch had never missed sending him a birthday card since college (that’s a lot of birthday cards, if you know what I mean) but he never sent her one. He meant to. He (truly) felt badly about it, but he was – you know – busy. Then a couple of years ago he sold a business, turned 50, and did some timely mid-life soul searching. He resolved to get better at supporting his friends. He decided to start by remembering his closest friends with a real birthday card each year (baby steps, right?)

After turning over this new leaf Jerry started looking for unique cards that would be perfect for each of his very different friends. That led him into the scattered universe of independent card designers. He hasn’t given a store bought card since. But he did think it would be easier if the independent cards could be gathered together and made easier to find. So he called Chris.

Chris started talking to independent card designers and the customers who had been giving those cards for years. Once he saw how much more exciting it was to give and to get an indie card Chris built this website. Independent card designers joined the site from all over the country and the card assortment grew and grew until the site launched.

And then the most amazing thing happened!


Well, not exactly nothing. In fact tens of thousands of shoppers visited the site. Everyone that wrote to Blow said they loved the cards; but most didn’t buy a card. Why?

They said they couldn’t buy a card.


It turned out that most shoppers needed a card in just a couple of days. So if Blow mailed the card to them, and then they had to mail it to their friend or loved one the card might be late to the party (literally).

So Chris and Jerry built the never-before-seen technology that you now have at your fingertips – now, you can put your signature and message – in your own handwriting - inside a card and send that card through the US mail from your computer or phone. That eliminated the need for the card to be mailed to the shopper before it could be sent to the birthday boy or girl. In fact, it eliminated a trip to the store, the hunt for a stamp, and a trip to the mail box.

And then the most amazing thing happened.

People started writing saying how much they loved this, that it was so clever, that they couldn’t believe no one had thought of doing this before, and that they loved these cards.

You are amazing. You just saved me an hour at Target!

- Karen, busy Mom of 3 busy boys
As the snow fell outside I hit “send”, made a tea, and felt like a genius.

- Pat, marketing coordinator (and genius)
$4.95 delivered? I can’t get a Starbucks for $4.95, and they don’t deliver.

- Michael, songwriter
And that is the story, so far, of Blow Birthday Cards.

So if you’re looking for birthday cards for mom, birthday cards for dad or even cat birthday cards, dive into the store and look around. And, if you get a minute, or just can’t find the kind of card you want, drop us a note to say “hello”.

You know that feeling you get when you open a birthday card from someone who loves or cares about you? Give that feeling. (Thanks Luch!!)

- Jerry

When else but on a birthday do you get a free pass to tell your friend “you’re important to me” without it seeming at all awkward?

- Chris